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Heatherside Infant School

Heatherside Infant School

Golden Book Super Stars

As a School we are continually seeking ways to help our children succeed.   The children are given a set of rules which fosters the development of good manners, sharing and kindness and the importance of working hard.  These principles are encompassed in a set of rules known as ‘The Golden Rules’.  As children move into Year 1 and as a privilege for upholding these rules we give the children ‘Golden Time’ when they can be free to choose their own activities for a short while on a chosen day.   If, however, the children cannot keep these rules, sanctions will apply.  (No rules can work unless they are respected.)  Sanctions of five or ten minutes will be taken away from the children’s ‘Golden Time’.  Please help us to develop these good habits by reminding the children of the importance of these rules. 

Each week we hold a Golden Assembly where we reward two children from each Key Stage 1 class who have followed our Golden Rules and earn a place on the Golden Bench.  These children are known as our Golden Book Super Stars and receive a well deserved Certificate presented by Mrs Lynch.  Our Golden Book Super Stars are also announced on their Google Classroom stream each week.

For special 'acts of kindness' - our Cup of Kindness is awarded to a particular child or children, they are able to take the Cup home for the weekend, along with a Certificate acknowledging their kindness!


Our Heatherside Cups of Kindness