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Heatherside Infant School

Heatherside Infant School


At Heatherside Infant School we believe maths should be taught through practical and engaging activities.  We teach through a range of methods; teaching specific skills and then giving the children opportunities to apply them through practical, purposeful activities. 

Year 1 enjoy using netbooks to solve problems


It is fun learning new maths skills!


We use our termly topics as a tool to give maths a purpose and develop children’s deeper understanding.  Alongside this there are plenty of opportunities for problem solving and investigative work.  This style of teaching runs throughout our school, from Year R right through to Year 2.  In all year groups we endeavour to use our outdoor learning spaces wherever possible to enhance the children’s learning experience.


The Maths curriculum is divided into different areas called domains.  These are taught and revisited across the year.  Follow the links to view the plans for this year's Year R and Years 1 and 2


Maths skills and concepts develop over time.  The Heatherside Maths Rockets show the steps of progress and expectations on a termly basis for Key Stage 1 (KS1).

The Hampshire Maths Department also provide guidance on the key mathematical evidence required for a child to be judged as working at expected levels (Age Releated Expectation - ARE), working at greater depth (above ARE) and working towards ARE.

How to support your child

It is important that children can solve problems and calculate with efficiency.  The number fact cards can be printed and used to improve mental recall of basic addition and subtraction facts (print double sided, so that the answers are on the back).  There are ideas for activities and games on the last page.

Once learnt, these facts can be applied to larger numbers too.  Children in Year 1 are expected to learn and use these facts.  It will take time and requires plenty of practice.

The ‘Supporting Your Child with Maths’ booklet gives guidance on how we teach the different domains of the Maths curriculum from Year R to Year 2. Here you can see how we use the empty number line to solve calculations and why learning number facts are so important within this process.

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