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Heatherside Infant School

Heatherside Infant School

Overview of the Day

Our children all like to know the order of their day and once in school the staff all use a visual timetable which provides a super reference point for everyone.

For Year 1 and Year 2 the school day starts with the staff welcoming the children and their parents at the classroom door from 8.45am until 8.55am when school starts. Year R children are welcomed into school by Year R staff from 8.40am.

Children should not be left before 8.45am as no supervision is provided in the playground. 

If you arrive after 8.55am, please bring your child to the School Office front gate (instead of their classroom) to complete their registration with our admin staff.

The school day finishes at 3.10pm for Year R and 3.15 pm for Year 1 and Year 2 (a total of 32.5 hours a week).

Children will not be allowed to leave school unless the appropriate adult is there to collect them.  It is imperative you contact our admin team if you are delayed and cannot meet your child.  We will always take care of the children until you arrive - that phone call can save a lot of heartache and distress.  If a child is going home with a different adult please ensure that the class teacher is aware or you inform the admin team who will pass this information on. 

The Office

If you have any queries, please report to the school office.

The School Office is usually open between 8.30 am and 4.00 pm each school day. If you are visiting the school/classrooms for any reason, PLEASE ensure that you have signed in at the school office and been issued with the appropriate visitor badge. For security reasons and for the safeguarding of the children, this is essential. 


Play Times

Our back playground has lots of play equipment which we love to climb


All the children have a playtime mid-morning. This outdoor session is supervised by members of staff. 

We have two playgrounds, one on the side of our school and another at the back of the school. Year 1 and Year 2 children take turns using both playgrounds

The Year R children use the smaller back playground for each playtime during their first school year. They love taking turns to use the pirate ship!

 Lunch Times

  School lunches are cooked on site in our kitchens and all children of infant school age are entitled to a school meal free of charge - this is known as a Universal Free School Meal.                            

Year R children go to lunch first at 11.45am and can choose on a day to day basis whether to have a packed lunch or school lunch.  Year 1 and 2 start their lunch break at 12.00pm and go into eat lunch between 12.00pm and 12.30pm.  When the children have finished eating they can go and play.  Year R use the back playground and Year 1 and 2 use the side playground where they are all supervised and supported in their play by our team of lunchtime assistants.  Click here for more details of our lunch routine.