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Heatherside Infant School

Heatherside Infant School


At Heatherside Infant school we aim to stimulate children’s curiosity & develop their ideas to encourage enquiring minds and equip them with key skills for life. In this way, they are increasingly able to research answers to their own questions and make sense of the world around them. Our young scientists develop both scientific knowledge and scientific skills through a progessive curriculum across the whole school.

We believe our science teaching and learning: 

  • Provides our children with the skills. knowledge and understanding to prepare them for their continued education and for life in an increasingly scientific world
  • Develops scientific vocabulary which enables our children to communicate their understanding of taught concepts
  • Encourages open-mindedness, self-assessment, perseverance and investigative skills including: observing, measuring, predicting, hypothesising, experimenting, communicating, interpreting, explaining and evaluating
  • Is inspiring and engaging, allowing children to develop their curiosity by asking and answering questions.


We know that children are naturally curious and we encourage this inquisitive nature throughout their time with us and beyond through the science curriculum as well as all other aspects of their learning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

In Science we explore, build and apply our knowledge through investigations. 

Year R identified and sorted different materials in groups.

Year 1 investigated magnets and guided an object through a maze using a magnet. 

Year 2 tested the absorbency of different materials to find out which would make a good coat or roof.