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Heatherside Infant School

Heatherside Infant School


At Heatherside we believe that reading is a key life skill but it is very important that our children learn to love reading as it will give them lifelong enjoyment.  Reading should therefore be fun and it should be an activity that children see adults enjoying too.  Sharing books with your child and having fun doing so will really help them to establish a love of reading.  It is very important for children to be read to as well as to receive praise when they read.


At Heatherside our children are taught to apply their phonic knowledge and key word recognition though sharing and discussing books, whole class and group guided reading sessions.  They are given the opportunity to practise their reading through the individual home school reading books. 


We use Oxford Reading Tree as a core scheme but we believe that it is important to provide a rich diet of reading books so we have a number of other reading books and reading schemes.   Our reading books are graded using the book band scheme which ensures a reading progression.

Reading Diaries

Your child will have a reading diary.  This is an important two way communication between home and school.

The centre of your diary also has all the phonic sounds for your reference.

When your child starts a new book band your teacher will place a sheet in the diary that will indicate the areas to be developed within the book band.

Please make comments in the diary as they are helpful.

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